The Workflow

Our founder, Imran Khan, began his career in home health care in 2006; with the goal to put together a dynamic team of professionals who would treat patients, as well as fellow colleagues, with the highest degree of care and respect. The agency grew strategically and thoughtfully, leading to many heart touching patient success stories. With each positive story, and expression of gratitude; Imran knew his team would impact people’s lives for a long time to come. It was the exceptional, personalized, heart filled energy and respect, given to each patient/family that was the backbone of the company and is still the key to our many success stories. In honor of what Imran learned from the very first patients cared for, and the outstanding professional clinicians who served them, Imran renamed the company Axiom Home Care. The name “Axiom” was translated from the Latin word “Axioma” meaning “to deem worthy of the greatest efforts and respect.” This captured the mission he wished to fulfill for the future, and is incorporated into the vision he shares with each member of the caregiving team today.

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